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Vicki offers Private Readings, Lectures, Workshops. A Psychic/Medium since birth, Vicki travels worldwide sharing her gift with others. Vicki has an excellent reputation within her industry and with her personal clients. She has forty years of experience helping others evaluate and improve their life journey experiences from a metaphysical perspective.

Psychic Detective
Vicki has a successful working relationship (domestic and international) with families, law enforcement, private detectives, FBI, and Special Forces in helping to locate missing remains. While professional yet compassionate about these cases, Vicki is able to maintain a good sense of balance in her life. "Because I honor my life purpose," say Vicki, "I have learned how to effectively delve into the "dark energy" of my cases and yet continue to live my life authentically and marvel at the joy in living." This work is tiring, says Vicki, but highly rewarding!

Announcing the Arrival of Vicki's First Book
Coffee Doughnuts & God

Vicki's book models the process of honoring one's purpose, living a rich and  authentic life, and overcoming life threatening obstacles with radiance and grace. "Each one of us is here to fulfill a unique purpose in life," says Vicki. "When we stray from our intended path, we feel unfulfilled. The way we think and the choices we make determine our personal power. Beliefs are like powerful magnets - attracting health, joy and abundance - or the lack of it!"
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Coffee, Doughnuts & God Workshop
Vicki is proud to announce her new spirit-building workshop based on the new book, Coffee, Doughnuts & God. This series promises to be a truly motivational, entertaining, and inspiring journey and is designed for medium to large groups.
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Get to Know Vicki
Speaker’s Bio

Vicki Warren is an internationally known Psychic who has conducted thousands of private sessions. Additionally, she is a popular speaker and lecturer. “The receptivity of people throughout the world is awesome,” says Vicki. “Most people are searching for insights to make their life more meaningful and authentic.”

Born with gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, she has the ability to provide others with life-altering information .Being a receptive and willing Medium, Vicki is able to easily communicate messages to her clients from loved ones on the Other Side. She also lends her insights to health practitioners and psychologists in providing them with valuable dimensions in the treatment of their patients. She has also assisted attorneys with jury selection. She started her professional career working with Sylvia Browne in San Jose, CA.

A compelling speaker, Vicki has presented Empowerment Lectures several times on cruise ships. She travels throughout the country presenting her Power for Living seminars including various Unity churches, Spirit of Life Expos, Wellness Conferences, Edgar Cayce’s ARE Regions and Corporate Stress Management classes. She has been a guest speaker multiple times on a weekly radio talk show in Florida and a popular guest speaker on a Houston based radio station covering eight states, and Europe. She has been interviewed several times on TV including PAX TV and MSNBC. The feedback she received from listeners and the producers during her interviews with MSNBC and PAX were both positive and gracious. Her easy rapport and ability to connect with her audience makes her a popular speaker. 
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Mission Statement

My mission as a Psychic Medium is to honor my God given gift by maintaining an integrity based relationship with my clients, friends and family, communicating relevant information to my client(s) in an accurate and non-judgmental fashion, to help others maintain optimum physical health, to keep my internal and psychic filter clear and clean, to live my life authentically
and embrace and welcome my strong connection with God. My strongest desire is to help others improve their self-esteem, discover self-healing, and learn methods to succeed in personal, spiritual, and professional growth.
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Coffee, Doughnuts & God

Lectures & Seminars
-  Phantom Debt vs. Karma
-  What is YOUR Archetype
-  Archetypal Compatibility
-  Finding YOUR Life Purpose
-  Mega Steps to Wellness
 - Better Understand Your Mate
 - Breaking Life Contracts
 - Develop Your Psychic Skills
 - Soul Talk
 - Make Peace With Your Past
 - Life Purpose and Chakras
 - Toxic Thoughts = Toxic Body
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What is an Intuitive?

Intuition to me is like an "extra-awareness." My primary objectives are to help others open to their inner wisdom and learn important life skills to find answers to life's questions."No reading is ever the same," says Vicki, "because like fingerprints, no two people have the same life journey. Vicki has a vast client list that includes CEOs in Fortune Five Hundred companies to a housewife in Israel.
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