Coffee, Doughnuts & God
Vicki's Latest Book and Workshop Series

The Book
Vicki was forty years old, married, raising her children, working in a stressful job -- "trying to do it all" -- when life dealt her one more challenge. And it very nearly killed her. Vicki got sick. She got so sick that she found herself in the hospital and nearly died. Vicki realized she needed to search for answers when she found herself discussing funeral plans with her family. That quest brought her down a path that not only saved her life, but also changed it forever.

While her journey back to physical well being provides a blueprint for anyone wanting to recover his or her own health, Vicki's powerful story also models the process of living more authentically by recreating relationships, generating positive changes in life, and becoming enriched spiritually -- whether health issues enter the picture or not. This is a book that will be difficult to put down. But it is not just Vicki's story, for it revolves around universal truths, problems, and solutions. Change -- wanted or unwanted -- is everyone's story!

Coffee, Doughnuts, & God promises to be motivational, entertaining, an inspiring. It is a must-read for those seeking direction in their lives. Email Vicki at to order the book ($19.95/ea) or Workshop Kits directly from the website.

CD&G Workshop & Lecture Series
Vicki is proud to announce her new spirit-building workshop based on her popular new book, Coffee, Doughnuts, & God. Vicki has created this new workshop series to facilitate medium to large groups in the journey through the healing process that has been enjoyed on an individual basis by so many.

This series promises to be a truly motivational, entertaining, and inspiring journey and is personally lead by Vicki on-location in your Church, office or other venues. This is a 'hands on" workshop that will foster lifelong results in the group as a whole as well as in the individual lives of participants. Email Vicki at to order this great Summer/Fall program for your organization or group!

Workshop Kit includes:

  • Promotional materials for your venue and bulletins, newsletters and/or invitations
  • Event banners and handout materials, worksheets and notebooks
  • Fun and inspirational interaction with Vicki Warren as she walks groups through:
  • How to enact triumphs and overcome tragedy
  • Honoring your sacred spirit
  • How to identify detrimental life patterns and how to break them
  • How to overcome grief and understand the true meaning of forgiveness
  • Toxic thoughts contribute to a toxic body - Practical guides for healing mind, body and spirit

Contact Vicki and Inspired Choices to book your CD&G Workshop now. Dates are filling up fast and you don't want to miss this valuable opportunity to work with Vicki and enjoy the benefits to be found in each and every one of us!