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About Vicki  

What is Intuition?

Intuition to me is like an "extra-awareness." Although the word Psychic or Intuitive embodies the best definition of who I am and what I do, my primary objectives are to help others open up  to their inner wisdom and learn important life skills to find answers to life's questions. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help others find wellness; spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Sometimes people ask me if being Psychic means I have the ability to know all things at all times." My answer is, "No, most definitely not. When I am not working, I mind my own business. I have learned over the years to turn my "psychic rheostat" down or I would be inundated with everyone's "stuff." People who are frightened of me are unaware of how I work - plain and simple - I do not judge! It is not my job to judge, rather to lend insight to clients; not friends, strangers, or family. Because I too am busy with my own life journey and have my own lessons and opportunities for growth, I don't want to know all things at all times."
Some believe the gift of Intuition is evil or "not of God." My answer to that is this simple, "How can bringing closure to a grieving family by finding a missing and murdered child be evil or not of God?" "How can helping people have a closer relationship to God be evil or not of God?" Some people are open to Psychics - some are not - and I respect that.

Science tells us that we only use a tiny portion of our brain mass. Experts claim that on average, we utilize only ten percent of its capacity. That leaves a big question, "What brain cells and functions are dormant?" Some answer that what people refer to as the psychic phenomena is very likely located in these "untapped" areas of the brain. Just as a math wizard or musical genius seems to have access to an "extra part," the intuitive is gifted with a link to information.

Albert Einstein theorized that time doesn't exist, as we know it. Perhaps that is why I am able to convey information from the past, present or future. I believe there is a way to use any gift or talent to achieve a positive and helpful result. I see time as "stacked" and not linear so for me there "just is."

The word psychic comes from the Greek word "psyche" meaning soul. I personally think psychic means "of the soul." If we are "of soul" then spiritual growth is your primary purpose. I think spiritual growth is strengthening the pathway focused on connection to God. I know it to be a pathway of Extraordinary Life!