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July 4-8, 2007

A.R.E. Seattle - Two Empowering Workshops
Vicki will be presenting two workshops for the Seattle ARE July 4th -8th at the beautiful Seabeck Spiritual Conference Center in Seabeck, WA. If you are interested in attending these workshops, please call Vicki at 281-345-8990 for additional information. The topics for her workshops are “Phantom Debt vs. Karma” and “Soul Talk – YOU Can Do It!”

If you are in the Seattle area in early July and are interested in having a private reading with Vicki on July 9th, please call her office at 281-345-8990 by July 1, 2007.

Psychic Detective - Vicki's Passion
A Retreat with Vicki Warren
Vicki is passionate about her latest endeavor of joining a team of colleagues including Private Detectives in working with law enforcement agents all over the world lending her insights to locate missing/exploited people. “Working these cases,” says Vicki, “is emotional and tiring work but highly rewarding. I love it when a family can find a sense of closure.”