Speaker's Bio
Is Vicki Warren the Right Speaker for Your Event or Group?


Born with the gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Vicki has worked as a Professional Psychic/Medium since 1975 when she worked for Sylvia Browne as a reader. Vicki started her own business Inspired Choices to honor her life purpose.

Personal Readings

Vicki does readings either in person or over the phone. She only needs her client's name and age to tap into their psychic record or The Universal Super-conscious Source. Some of the many topics addressed could be about spiritual growth, job opportunities, future events and personally tailored information and guidance including past, present and future. No reading is ever the same because no one person has the same life journey.

Media Personality

Experienced in the media, Vicki has been on several live interviews with MSNBC and PAX TV regarding high profile cases. The feedback she receives from the producers and viewers are both positive and gracious. Vicki also has numerous radio talk shows including both interviews and call in listeners. Her accurate readings with call-ins have assured her of repeat invitations.


Coffee, Doughnuts & God
is a good read for those seeking hope and inspiration. Miracles DO happen! The wisdom Vicki has to share about Universal Laws, healing modalities, and listening to one's own Inner Wisdom serves as a roadmap to the limitless possibilities in life.

Psychic Detective

Vicki has a successful working relationship with families, law enforcement officials, private detectives, FBI and Special Forces in helping to locate missing people and remains.

Motivational Speaker / Presenter

A compelling speaker, Vicki has given many lectures in venues such as cruise ships, Churches of all denominations, multiple A.R.E. Edgar Cayce's Centers, Wellness Conferences, Civic Library Circuits, Whole Life Expos, Women's Retreats, Couples Archetypal Compatibility workshops, Corporate Stress Management, and Psychic Platform Demonstrations. Her easy rapport and ability to connect with her audience makes her a popular speaker.


What is YOUR Archetype?
Archetypal Compatibility
Phantom Debt vs. Karma
Life Purpose - What is Yours?
How Your Life Purpose Affects Your Chakras
Four Personality Types and Why You Need Them in Every Business
How Blocked Chakras Affect Your Health
Twelve Mega Power Steps to Wellness
Soul Talk - You Can Do It!
How to Turn Life Lessons Into Opportunities For Growth
Breaking Life Contracts
Toxic Thoughts = Toxic Body
Stress Management
Develop YOUR Psychic Skills
“Each one of us is here to fulfill a unique purpose in life,” says Vicki. “When we stray from our intended path, we feel unfulfilled. The way we think and the choices we make determine our personal power. Beliefs are like powerful magnets – attracting health, joy and abundance - or the lack of it!

Samples of Vicki's Workshops:

Twelve Mega Power Steps to Wellness
Vicki personally knows what "dis-ease" is and shares some powerful healing modalities for wholeness in body, mind and spirit. This a fun, thought provoking, and empowering workshop for those seeking some positive directions in their life, whether "dis-eased" or not.

Eighteen years ago, Vicki was given six months to live. She is not only alive but radiant and thriving! How did she do it? What changes did she make in her life? Where was God during those dark times?

Are YOU all you can be? Quantum healing - you CAN do it!

Vicki’s story is one of victory and she shares it with a charged, contagious energy to motivate others to live a happy, peaceful life. Stop “life inflammation” now and restore balance to your body! Learn about psychological bacteria and how to holistically “medicate” your body. You will leave this workshop charged and ready to “pay it forward” by becoming a global catalyst.

Phantom Debt vs. Karma
Hinduism sums up Karma as the law of cause and effect meaning every action you take causes a reaction in your future. That is similar to the Christian verse, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Karma says, “The more you give, the more you get. You will be in tune with the Infinite.” What does this really mean and how can we use this application in our everyday life? Is it possible to give too much? Are we “giving” the wrong things? What is Phantom Debt and how do we discern the difference? Phantom debt is the attachment we place on the fruits of our actions. It is the most detrimental action we take.

“Phantom Debt,” says Vicki, “drains us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Man’s thoughts, habits and character contribute to our destiny. Equally, the laws of Karma give encouragement to the hopeless.”

Vicki’s progressive and interactive workshop provides an overall view of Karma versus Phantom Debt. Learn the skills of developing humility, pure love, tolerance and mercy. Her class promises to be educational, motivational, enlightening and fun. You will leave this workshop feeling more energized with a heightened sense of empowerment. Who couldn’t use more of that in our busy hectic lives?

  • Workshop includes a workbook.
  • Guided meditation concludes workshop.

Life Purpose – How Does That Affect Your Chakras?

How do you know you are "in your process" and how do you know if you aren't?  How does your growth affect your physical survival, your “inner laboratory,” and your “high voltage” – or lack of it – spiritual world? What does your body/chakras tell you about your higher knowledge?

Through years of readings, Vicki became aware that each of us has our own Archetype or Life Purpose. We also have many sub-themes. Additionally we carry and display each theme simultaneously. It is like a formula waiting to be discovered.

If we veer off or ignore our life purpose/gifts, the chakras are greatly affected. Vicki’s workshop offers an overview of Archetypes and how it correlates to your chakras. It is an excellent guide to understanding the roles we play and the dynamics of our relationships. Knowledge is empowering!

  • Workshop includes a workbook.
  • Guided chakra clearing meditation concludes workshop.

Soul Talk
Are you in a detrimental relationship?
Do you keep repeating the same negative patterns?
Do you wonder why you repeat the same “mistakes?”
What role do you play in your family dynamics?
Do you merely “exist?” Or are you living your authentic life?

Do you feel you live your life in limbo, just waiting for something to happen? What is limbo? What if the state of limbo was an illusion?

What if you could communicate your thoughts and feelings on a soul level? Do you have the courage to break life-long contracts that haven’t served you well?

As children, we enter into certain agreements with our parents, teachers, siblings and friends. A contract occurs when we play roles that become patterns to fulfill the expectations of others.

Our beliefs are our illusions about how we relate to our family and the world around us. These illusions become our reality until we learn differently. Disappointment is replaced with awareness and positive change. “With knowledge,” says Vicki, “we are better equipped to live our authentic life.”

Attend Vicki’s workshop to discover your detrimental life contracts and how to break them. You will learn practical insights to be the best you can be. Learn to Soul Talk; the art of cutting cords that are attached to people, places and events. May your Soul Talk be Inspired!

  • Workshop includes a workbook.
  • Guided contract breaking meditation concludes workshop.